Pasture Raised Eggs

Antibiotic Free  -  Hormone Free - Non-GMO Fed

Heritage birds for both eggs and meat have access to fresh grass, ample space, fresh air and clean water

Our eggs are rich and delicious with a golden yellow yolk.  


Our heritage birds start their journey here as day old straight run chicks, that are hatched by a local breeder.  We provide them with access to pasture as soon as we can safely do so.  Once we can determine the sex of the bird we separate the males and start them on a higher protein feed that will help them more develop more muscle.  They will be raised on pasture alongside our broilers and processed, they will average around 4lb roaster that will have a rich and delicious flavor.

The lucky little ladies will join our laying flock in the egg mobile living out their lives enjoying sunshine, grass, bugs and normal chicken lives.  We do provide supplemental lighting to encourage winter laying and to bring new layers into lay much earlier than they would naturally.  After they are finished laying usually after 2 years, we process them with the most humane and low-stress experience we can provide.  The finished product results in a 2.5 lbs average stewing bird that is lean and makes flavorful stocks and soups.