Chicken Manure and Straw

Ramblings from inside the coop...

So I find myself today knee-deep in chicken manure and straw.  I’m questioning why it is I really want to do this. It’s definitely not a glamorous job and most of the time not for the faint of heart. I work extremely hard for very little earnings, but I can’t say for very little reward. I really do enjoy what I do even though there’s a lot of shit involved (pun intended). I get to work with my hands,  to see the fruits of my labor.  I use my body, Mind, and spirit to heal, nourish, encourage and grow things.  It’s certainly not a job of glamour, most of the time it’s not even a clean job :-).  It’s challenging when people question your methods are your ideologies.   They don’t always understand that you’ve already done the research and you’ve already made peace with your choices.  When people question the things that you designed and frown upon your methods, it’s frustrating, I can’t lie.  But I've decided that what I really want is to be is the change "I" want to see in the world.  

Farming is not a clean job we’ve already gone over that, but my personal mission is to make our food a little cleaner, in the long run, for my family and customers that see my vision.  I understand the need for the industrial food model and sometimes I can’t say that I wouldn’t do some of it myself if I didn’t have a deep inclination that it is wrong.  Animals are not designed to live in Barns.  Animals were a part of nature before we domesticated them and created them into a food supply.  So for now, I’m going to keep shoveling out the chicken coop and I’ll keep moving the fences.  At least until I’m too tired to do so I will keep on trucking!