Bulk Freezer Pork

How long does it take to eat?

Eating pork three times a week, it will take a family about 6 months to eat a whole hog.

What do I get ?


Whole Hog – $2.95/lb.

150 lbs of pork (approximate)

  • 8 butt / picnic shoulder roasts – 3lbs each

  • 15-18 lbs cured bacon

  • 8-12 lbs spareribs

  • 20-22 bs Pork Chops

  • 24-16 lbs cured Ham steaks / end roasts

  • 25-30 lbs  Country-Style Sausage

1/2 Hog – $3.10/lb.

80 lbs. of pork (approximate)

  • 4 butt / picnic shoulder roasts – 3lbs each

  • 7-10 lbs cured bacon

  • 4-6 lbs spareribs

  • 10-12 bs Pork Chops

  • 12-14 lbs cured Ham steaks / end roasts

  • 14-16 lbs  Country-Style Sausage

 You will also have the option of having organ meat; heart, liver, and lard.

How should I store all the pork?

Wrapped in butcher paper, your pork should store for 6 months in your home freezer with no loss of quality. In cryovac packaging your pork should last up to 1 year.

Here’s a rough guide to how much freezer space you’ll need.

Whole Pig: 7 cubic feet (small chest freezer, french-door refrigerator, bottom-freezer refrigerator)

Half pig: 3.5 cubic feet (top-freezer refrigerator)