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Pasture raised
& grassfed


We are a small family farm that belives you are what you eat! All of our animals are raised on untreated pastures with Non-GMO feed. After a health scare, desperate to feel better we began learning about foods and modern agriculture. This opened our eyes to a very broken food system. Our quest to find healthier food choices for our family of 7 made us realize what few convenient, affordable options there are for healthy locally raised fresh food. We felt very called that we needed to start a small family farm for people like us that care deeply about their food.


We strive to provide you with the best products by raising our animals the way they were meant to be raised.


We just made one of the chickens from Krista! Oh my word! My family raved about it. They could totally tell a difference in how it was raised by how absolutely delicious it was! Way to go and thank you!!!
— Salena M.